Boo a Twist on Halloween Books

Before I started teaching Halloween was one of my least favorite holidays, but goodness during my first year teaching I jumped right in to the Halloween madness! I decorated my room, wore a Halloween sweater with orange turtleneck and was beyond excited to celebrate this 'perfect' for littles Holiday (sans the scary things!). One way we celebrated was with a week of Halloween themed books. In honor of that, here are my top 5 favorite books for Halloween! The twist is, that none of these books are specifically about Halloween. I have found that so many kiddo books are a bit too scary and sometimes there are families that do not celebrate the Holiday. These books have definite Halloween/fall feelings without being about Halloween!  
Piggie Pie- A delightful book about Gritch the Witch and the piggies on Old MacDonalds farm. This book is full of humorous references to characters in other stories and will leave both teacher and students grinning. The book centers around Gritch wanting to find some piggies to make piggie pie, and has a definite Halloween/fall vibe.
How many seeds in a Pumpkin?- This books is wonderful for anytime in October but I love reading it the day of or before Halloween. The book examines 3 different pumpkins asking which one will have the most seeds! After introducing the books, I will have students help me make a class graph on anchor chart paper of their predictions. Also a wonderful way to introduce strategies for repeated addition or multiplication!<  
Julia's House for Lost Creatures- Not Halloween or Fall themed, but deals with a little girl who moves to a new town. Soon she begins hosting all sorts of mythical creatures in her house! Such a fun little book, my kids loved it, they even voted it as their favorite book of October! I also have a fun book study on this one as well.
Stellaluna- Need I say more about this childhood classic? I have a wonderful freebie companion for this book on Teachers Pay Teachers to help with comparing and contrasting! 
Creepy Carrots- Little Jasper is a bunny who just l.o.v.e.s carrots! But one day the carrots start to follow him... or do they? Hmm. Such a fun little book perfect for K/1 to read leading up to Halloween! 

Whew! What are your suggestions for Halloween themed books? Would love to add some more onto my list! Hop on over to Our Elementary Lives for another wonderful list of seasonal books!
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